Boyle Heights Banco de Tiempo

Boyle Heights Banco de Tiempo

About the Time Exchange

The Boyle Heights Time Exchange (BHTE) is a local exchange system designed to inspire trust and reciprocity. Time Banking is built on the idea that each of us has unique gifts, talents and resources to share and that everyone’s time is equal. The BHTE aims to encourage systemic social change and economic equality.

What is Time Banking? At its most basic level, Time Banking is simply about spending an hour doing something for somebody in your community. That hour goes into the Time Bank as a Time Credit. Then you have a Time credit to spend on having someone doing something for you. It’s a simple idea, but it has powerful ripple effects in building community connections.

Our Core Values

We are all assets

Everyone has something to offer. No one knows or does everything, and everyone knows and can do something.

Redefining Work

Some work is valuable beyond market price, and that work needs to be recognized and rewarded. Everyone beneIts when we work toward raising healthy children, building strong families, revitalizing neighborhoods, living sustainably, and fostering social justice.


Every human being matters. There are no throwaway people. Everybody has something to offer, and has unmet needs as well.

Social Networks

We need each other. People helping each other reweave communities of support, strength and trust. Community is built upon sinking roots, building trust, creating networks that are built on mutual respect and commitment.


When neighbors help one another, we are all stronger. The community we create offers a greater reward than simply the sum of the work done.

Get Involved

There are many ways to participate: as an individual, organization, collective, classroom, etc.

Fill out a member application: Coordinator will notify you once your application is reviewed and approved. Log on and start trading credits!

Online application here: