Health Happens in Neighborhoods

Health Happens in Neighborhoods


Your neighborhood shouldn’t predict how long you live – but it does. In healthy neighborhoods, children ride bikes and play in nearby parks. Parents buy healthy affordable foods at local markets, and everyone feels safe walking to school or work. Thriving neighborhoods aren’t just pleasant; they can actually make health happen.

Our approach to safe neighborhoods should ensure that we call all live long, healthy lives. We need to prevent crime before it starts. When teens can go to after-school or summer programs that keep them active and healthy, they’re less likely to get into trouble. There are smarter and more effective ways to keep our streets safe by shifting dollars now used for prison bureaucracies to crime prevention, health care and education that prevent crime in the first place.

Health Happens in Neighborhoods: Boyle Heights for Youth

  • 1. Secure CD14 funding for youth development programming & services
  • 2. Boyle Heights has a structure in place to coordinate resources for youth development
  • 3. Increase L.A. City investment in youth development programming and to coordinate youth resources and services across the city

Policy Campaign

The Boyle Heights for Youth is a campaign calling for meaningful investment of public funds and resources to help our City’s most vulnerable youth reach their full potential and to create safe neighborhoods where they can thrive and have access to opportunities that prepare them for a successful future.

To get there, we need a vision and a plan to ensure positive youth development is a priority in our city and to ask city leaders to think about public safety more broadly. We need city leaders to create a Department of Youth Development and invest one percent of public safety dollars in youth centers and programs that foster positive youth development and create jobs for young people.

As we work to shift systems and policy making to prioritize youth citywide, we believe our community can pave the way with a modest investment in positive youth development programs in Boyle Heights. In partnership with Councilman Jose Huizar, we are creating a youth council for Boyle Heights that will give youth the opportunity to invest public funds in youth centers, mentoring, arts programs, and career training. Our youth leaders will model for the rest of our city the positive impact of investing in youth and involving them in the process of allocating resources for positive youth development.

Upcoming Events

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Our Impact

Policies Passed
  • 2012: City Council passes a motion to prioritize the Boyle Heights Community Plan within the City Planning Department.
  • 2015: The Los Angeles City Council passes Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, which integrates and institutionalized a health and wellness element into the City of L.A.’s General Plan.
System and Practice Change
  • 2013: Halted the proposed development of a CVS Pharmacy on Cesar Chavez and Soto. The site is now responding to the community request for a grocery store instead.
  • 2014: Finalized and formed the Metro Community Advisory Committee for eight development sites in Boyle Heights. Advocates secured seats for Building Healthy Community resident leaders on the Community Advisory Committee.
  • 2014: Successfully halted the proposed private development at Wyvenwood Apartments which would displace low-income families.
  • 2014: Local Community Development Corporation secured one Metro-owned parcel of land to build affordable housing.
  • 2014: City Planning Department adopted several recommendations developed by advocates for the draft Boyle Heights Community Plan. The Plan del Pueblo documents the community’s vision for Transit-Oriented Development, construction of affordable housing, environmental buffer zones and economic development.
  • 2014: Successfully advocated for the inclusion of the Ramona Gardens area to be included in the The Los Angeles Clean-Up Green-Up initiative to limit the type of industry permitted to locate near residential areas.
Health Happens in Neighborhoods Grantees and Partners
  • Jovenes, Inc.
  • Self-Help Graphics and Arts, Inc.
  • East LA Community Corporation
  • Workers Education and Resource Center
  • CCF Community Initiatives Fund
  • Alliance for California Traditional Arts
  • Las Fotos Project
  • UCLA School of Public Health
  • Labor Community Strategy Center
  • Legacy LA
  • East Los Angeles Women’s Center
  • Violence Prevention Coalition​